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August 11, 2004


Trevor F. Smith

Who else is going indie?


There's you, Ron T. is writing apps for mobile devices, ex-boss Scott K. is starting some company (still in stealth mode), ex-coworker Ed has started a non-tech company (beau-coup.com) with his wife, ex-coworker John has started an interesting company (not sure if I can mention what it is yet), another ex-coworker is forging out on his own, too...and there are others thinking about it, but I don't want to out them. :)


The Scott K. I know?


Oh, right! I completely forgot that I've worked for two Scott K.'s. No, it's not the Scott you know -- last I've heard, he's designing fast vector-based languages for data analysis in NY (a better APL/J, I presume).

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