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October 20, 2005



Interesting question. Beyond the mental argument, the only thought that comes to mind is lane conditions - the amount and placement of oil on the lane. This can vary from one alley to another, and can even change during course of a game (I know this because my parents used to be avid PBA watchers when I was a kid). I found this article on the subject.


Presidio Bowl is closed? Damn, they had good french fries.

Michael Morrissey

Erich: great find on the article! I didn't know that lane conditions could change during the course of a game -- it's not like they pull out a big Zamboni at half time. Hey, maybe that's the solution to the problem discussed in the article! ;)

Ficus: Good news -- I was wrong! It was Japantown Bowl that closed, not Presidio Bowl. Presidio and the tiny Yerba Buena Bowl are the only bowling alleys left in the city proper. (TWMB)BK is definitely closed, though.


Think about how many Whoppers you need to sell to pay the kind of rent they must have been paying in that location. Michael that might be a little spare time formula for you to work on. Welcome back, for some reason I can't get on the Eva site so this is the only place I hear from you.

Michael Morrissey

Tim: I have a feeling that that BK got the land on the cheap when it was an army base, but who knows. (And I'll send you the details on Ava's site so you can get to it.)


I can't imagine bowling a 300. Last week we had a "team building" event down in Atlantic City. Much to my chagrin we were not playing the Atlantic City Country Club but, my boss suprised us with the a rented short bus and took us to a bowling alley. Nothing quite says success like drinking several pictures of Coors Lite at 2:00PM on a Thursday in a bowling alley (I wished I smoked woulda completed the scene). The point is I rolled a 105, 106 and 128 and honestly I don't think I coulda down any better. So the thought that people are really good at this game is just a little depressing.

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