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August 05, 2005



Ohmigod, I need to come visit here more often. This would be perfect for making my Peck McMuffins. I'll eventually need to find a source of Seattle English muffins to substitute for my craving for Sconehenge Bakery's version (a few "if"s and "when"s will come before needing to find it, of course...). Smiles to Miss J and Ava!

Michael Morrissey

Are you familiar with Australian toaster biscuits? They're softer and somewhat sweeter than English muffins, and they're perfect for breakfast sandwiches.


Hi, I was doing an internet search on Australian Toaster Biscuits. I live in Florida and can't find any grocery store that carries them or will special order them. I had them on the west coast several years ago and haven't gotten over how yummy they are. Can anyone on this blog help me locate these lovely biscuits or could make arrangements to ship a few packages to me? I'd sure appreciate it.

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