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August 06, 2005




The data is questionable at best but our strategist's say the average retail holding period for a stock is around 170 days meaning the ownership of a particular company can change as much as 2 1/2 times per year. Since the 'market action' has seemed to quiet down this time should lenghten out and probably has. What catches my eye is when I am reading about a portfolio manager who says that they focus on the long term potential of the companies they own, yet the portfolio turns over 100% a year. Those two comments just don't add up.



Ive reading your blog for a while. Im moving to your area. Can you tell me where the hot spots for a young gay man are?



Michael Morrissey

Tim: 170 days -- very interesting! Your assignment for Monday: dig up this figure for every year going back to 1900. :) And I agree with you about portfolio managers -- that doesn't at all add up.

PK: Sorry, I'm not really tapped into that scene.

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