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August 07, 2005



I'm definitely one of the bloggers who has been following both zillow and redfin. I can't really speak much to zillow because of their stealth nature. But I can say that I've been very disappointed in the implementation of Redfin. When I first saw the site, I was tremendously impressed. However, now that the google maps API is out, one of their strongest feature (aerial photos) seems antiquated and overly complex to navigate.

By the way, I approached redfin about licensing their technology for my wife's real estate site about 6 months ago, and was politely told that they were not interested. That was right before they came out with their first service that directly competes with agents. That's definitely their prerogative, but, as you note, it doesn't play up to their strengths.


Two months later and the landscape is the same but different. Zillow is still a cloak and dagger operation and House Values launched their knock off of Redfin yesterday. It is pretty clear the Redfin search model is by far the best implementation for real estate search. The google maps API is cute, but not specific enough for the real estate vertical. Specifically the google maps do not have the same resolution as the Redfin maps nor is there any way to tie external data into the map such as tax data. The winner in this space will have to offer the most data, but be the easiest to navigate. Right now the House Values knock-off is offering too much data in a clunky interface, where Redfin has a perfect balance between usability and data.


HomePriceMaps.com combines Google Maps with Home Sale Prices and has expanded its features to include zipcode search and is accepting bids from real estate companies for internet traffic redirection.

HomePriceMaps.com has udpated its "Info Windows" to include localized redirection links listing homes for sale, mortgage quotes and realtor listings in the area.

HomePriceMaps.com is now accepting bids for internet traffic redirection from the following real estate companies:

Coldwell Banker

What is to come next?
*ability to sort listings by distance, price, date sold, and other attributes
*expansion of sampling data to include all of metropolitan NY, LA, Chicago

Home price records have always been freely available however in the past it has been very difficult to find them. HomePriceMaps.com is dedicated to being the easiest place to obtain sale price data for homes in your neighborhood. Users can look forward to an aggressive expansion of the service into other major metropolitan areas in the months to come, and everyone can look forward to more informed home buying decisions.


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Gresham Real Estate

Zillow is just a tool. I thinks its a great value research tool for sellers when their just thinking about selling. But in the end a Pro is probable going to give the best current market value.


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