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February 02, 2005



Well, if you used a Mac like I've been telling you to for nearly five years now then you could turn on iChat's option to automatically save all chat transcripts to a folder of your choice.

Wait, you're a software guy and there are open-source AIM clients (in fact Gaim is *still* the #1 most active project on SourceForge). Why don't you add that feature and contribute your changes back?

Also, looking through the feature request list at work, I don't see that you've requested this feature for the IM clients that we make.

You have found three ways to slack all in one. :-)


Trillian saves a log (or can be made to save a log) of all your IM activity. I don't use Trillian, but some of my friends who do routinely use this feature to bring up embarrassing things I have said during moments of weakness.


You could also try Gush (http://www.2entwine.com/). It also logs IM/jabber/Yahoo! IM conversations AND searches them.

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